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What we mean when we say…

PST: Pupil Study Team Meeting

WIN Block: What I Need Block- a scheduled portion of the day in which students receive services, or additional time and/or instruction to challenge and support their learning

SRBI: Scientific Research-Based Interventions- a systematic way to respond to students’ academic and behavioral areas of need and provide appropriate intervention and support

SBAC: Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium: a nation-wide test adopted by the state of Connecticut to assess student achievement based on Common Core State Standards

MAP Test: (Measures of Academic Progress) a reading and math assessment to gauge student ability, administered in the fall, winter, and spring every year

Reading Workshop: a 60 minute block of time consisting of a 15 minute Mini-Lesson to teach a comprehension strategy in our current unit of study, followed by 40 minutes of independent reading and conferring/small group work, and 5 minutes of a teaching share and partner talk

DIBELS: (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) a way of evaluating the literacy and phonics skills of students, administered by a reading specialist

F&P Assessment: (Fountas and Pinnell Assessment Protocol) a reading assessment administered by the teacher at least three times a year that measures a student’s reading accuracy, rate, and comprehension

Just-Right Reading Level: the level of text that a student can be expected to read independently for complete understanding

Writing Workshop: a 40 minute block of time consisting of a 10 minute Mini-Lesson and teacher model and 30 minutes of independent writing time, conferring, and small group work

On-Demand Writing Prompt: a 45 minute session where students are required to plan, draft, edit, and revise a piece of original writing grounded in the current unit of study

Anchor Task: a hands on group or partner math activity to provide a real world context and challenge student thinking and understanding; during an anchor task students are required to explain their thinking and come up with at least two ways to solve every problem

Manipulatives: tangible models or tools for students to demonstrate mathematical understanding and learn concepts (Base-Ten Blocks, Unifix Cubes, Place Value Strips and Chips, etc.)

STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Lunch Bunch: a lunch group led by the School Counselor to promote conversational and friendship skills

Specific to Special Education-

IEP: Individual Education Plan

504 Plan: (Section 504 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973) requires accommodations to help student who has physical and/or mental impairments that affect their ability in school

PPT: Parent and Placement Team Meeting 

Related Services: Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, School Psychologist, Speech & Language

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