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Math IXL Tutorial

Math IXL:

ixl (3)

Math IXL is an online resource for you to practice your math skills! Your teacher might assign IXL as homework or classwork, or you might want to practice on your own at home. IXL is divided into sections by your grade level, and you can work through skills that you already learned in school. You can earn awards and prizes in IXL, and your teacher will be able to see all of your work. You don’t need to print anything out to hand in!

Students in Wilton are able to login to our school’s subscription by clicking on the “IXL” link on our CM Math Website or on your teacher’s webpage.

Math IXL is a Learning Tool

The goal of MATH IXL is to practice skills that you have already learned in school. Unlike paper homework or worksheets, Math IXL will change and adapt as you answer questions. If you get lots of questions correct the first time, the program will challenge you and help you practice to the best of your ability. If you are having trouble, the program will explain your mistake, and help you to keep practicing. If you have gotten a problem wrong, be sure to read the explanation of your mistake! Remember, it is important to learn from our mistakes!

As you spend time on Math IXL, remember to notice the timer on the right side! Your teacher might assign a certain amount of minutes or questions as homework, or  you might want to challenge yourself to accomplish your own learning goals!

Once you have selected the appropriate grade level and IXL strand to practice, click away! You should have a pencil and paper to do your math thinking on, and be ready to have some fun!

Watch my video tutorial for more information about how to use IXL!


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