Mrs. Ryan's Class

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Here is a list of topics that we will learn in 3rd grade:

Reading: (Reading Workshop: Jennifer Serravallo)

  • Arch
  • Character
  • Nonfiction
  • Traditional Literature
  • Biography
  • Poetry

Writing: (Writing Workshop: Lucy Calkins)

  • Crafting True Stories
  • Information Writing
  • Fictional Narrative Writing
  • Opinion/Argument Writing

Math (Math in Focus)

  • Bar Graphs and Line Plots
  • Numbers to 10,000
  • Mental Math and Estimation
  • Addition with Regrouping
  • Subtraction with Regrouping
  • Bar Modeling
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Adding and subtracting fractions

Social Studies

  • Native Americans
  • Landforms
  • Regions in the United States
    • Northeast
    • Midwest
    • Northwest
    • Southwest


  • Water Cycle
  • Forest Habitat
  • Grassland Habitat
  • Desert Habitat
  • Arctic Habitat
  • Ocean Habitat

Word Study




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