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Digital Portfolio: Site Map

on July 11, 2016


Step Two in planning my Digital Portfolio is to create a sitemap to organize my ideas. I started planning using a digital graphic organizer, Popplet.

popplet logo

I learned about Popplet through research for an assignment in another IT/DML Class about Assistive Technology.  In this assignment, I recommended using Popplet as an AT for students who have difficulty using traditional print graphic organizers. Although I had researched the tool and experimented with its functionality, I had never used it for my own authentic planning purposes. I found that the flexibility in placement and organization was extremely helpful and I will definitely recommend using this resource with kids!

The actual planning of my sitemap was challenging and took several days. In retrospect, I wish I had done a mini-curation process at the end of each course to select my most meaningful work that I would eventually like to share.


Since I did not curate my content as I worked through this program, I had to go back to every course and sift through each assignment to determine which work should be included in my portfolio. This helped me to reflect on all of the work that I completed in this program and I was able to pull out the most meaningful assignments. Looking back, I’m quite proud of some of the work I created and I also realize that there is some content that was intended to serve the purpose of reflection, learning, and growth. I am happy to have the opportunity to create a digital portfolio that highlights the work I am proud to share and that is most relevant to me as a professional.

Here is the Popplet that I created to organize my ideas for my digital portfolio.

Popplet Image

See this link for a larger view:


eggtimerSome of the content that I plan to include will need to be edited to apply to a wider audience. Many of the courses that I created these materials for has specific requirements for audience, so I intend to go through each lesson, tutorial, and resource and edit when necessary. I anticipate that this will be a long process that requires significant effort and reflection, so I plan to get started right away!



Image Sources:

Popplet Logo

Regretful Baby





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