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Reflection on Teaching with Technology & Digital Portfolio

on July 6, 2016
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As my journey through the IT/DML program nears an end, I will begin the reflection and curation process required to create a digital portfolio of my work in this program. Two articles informed my reflection this week. The first article I read called 11 Essentials for Excellent ePortfolios, details 11 suggestions to consider when creating a digital portfolio. They are:

  1. Know Your Purpose
  2. Select Tools to Empower Students
  3. Select a Variety of Content
  4. Empower Portfolio Review and Publish to an Audience
  5. Know Your Timeline
  6. Empower Metacognition
  7. Relate Portfolios to Coursework
  8. Don’t Overwhelm Students
  9. Link Paper and Electronic Portfolios
  10. Consider the Portfolio’s Longevity
  11. Engage Teachers in Effective Portfolio Use.

Many of these areas for consideration are outlined in the scope of my final course, especially in regard to the timeline, audience, feedback, related and variety of content, and engagement. One area that sticks out, especially as I begin to edit and revise my teaching philosophy is suggestion one, “Know your Purpose”. The author of this article, Vicki Davis, suggests that the curation of a digital portfolio is constructivist in nature. This fits nicely into my philosophy of education that is heavily influenced by constructivism and personal meaning making.

Another influential article I read this week is, NAESP’s Technology Integration for the New 21st Century LearnerThis article explains reasons why students should construct their own knowledge through creation, exploration, discovery, and design, and how technology can help. As I read this article, I was reminded of the reasons why I so wholeheartedly believe that students should be the creators of their own learning. Blair, writes, “By allowing students to be explorers and designers, educators show that they believe in their students’ abilities and validate each student’s contribution to the class” (2012). I believe in the importance of developing a strong classroom community to allow students to feel safe to explore and design their own learning, while contributing to the learning of the whole class. I have held these ideas about education since I began my teacher prep. work years ago, and these beliefs have only become more engrained in my teaching practice over the course of my career. This article reminded me how technology fits into those ideals.

The process of rewriting my philosophy of teaching while undergoing the beginning stages of content curation for my own digital portfolio will offer me a unique opportunity to experience this constructivist learning environment as a student, rather than a teacher. Overall, my work as a student in this program has influenced my ideas about teaching and learning, and this final course will help me to showcase how I have grown as a learner and a teacher.



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