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Make Tech Integration Work

on May 24, 2016

Work…in every sense of the word:

Make technology integration WORK for you as an educator…

Make technology education WORK for your students…

Make technology education WORK as a successful tool to enhance and transform instruction…

Make technology part of the WORK of learning and creating.


Using technology in the classroom should NOT feel like “just one more thing”. Purposeful technology integration can help you teach the required content while helping students acquire deeper levels of thinking and understanding.

One model to successfully integrate technology into your teaching is the SAMR model, designed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. In this model, teachers are challenged to integrate technology to either substitute, augment, modify, or redefine existing lessons.


Watch my video on the SAMR Model to learn more about how SAMR can work for you in your classroom.




One response to “Make Tech Integration Work

  1. I especially like your thoughts on the broad application of SAMR and how it can only serve to improve teaching and learning: Your presentation supports these ideas


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