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Meet Mrs. Ryan

on August 8, 2015

I was assigned to make a 1 minute commercial to introduce myself as an educator for my class, EDUC 7710: Foundations of Media Literacy. The guidelines were to introduce myself, describe who I am, my expertise, and what I do.

Throughout this program, I have tried to connect each assignment and experience to what I would do in my classroom and my career.  It is so important to make this work connected and meaningful. I hope to use everything we have created in my teaching and professional life.

I decided to design this commercial for a very specific audience. I wanted to create something that I could put on my website to introduce myself to future students, parents, and potential employers. I thought it would be important to share who I am and what I believe about teaching and education with this audience. I tried to be as genuine and honest as possible in my short, 1 minute of time!

I hope you enjoy!


7 responses to “Meet Mrs. Ryan

  1. Nice job Nicole! I made my video for the same audience. I would want to be a student in your class, and if I had children I would be happy if you were their teacher. 🙂

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  2. Meredith says:


    Great video, very professional. I am working on mine now and hope to design it for a similar audience (future parents, students and prospective employers).


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  3. John Vieira says:

    Nicole, I don’t throw this word out often but your video is perfect! I would want my daughter to have you as a teacher as I share the same belief that young people need to feel safe and take risks within a learning community. What is one strategy you have to get students to “buy in?”


    • nicoleryan2 says:

      Thank you so much John! We do a lot of community building activities throughout the year to get to know each other, and I emphasize the importance of mutual accountability for the learning and success of everyone in our classroom. I also find that providing kids with the opportunity to have structured fun with each other helps to strengthen relationships and team work 🙂

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  4. keelygarden says:

    Great video! Do you use Go Noodle for your Brain Breaks? My daughter used it this year and she was ga-ga over it. Kitty High 5 and Pop See Ko were her favorites!


    • nicoleryan2 says:

      Thank you!! Yes, I LOVE GoNoodle and so do my kids! We also play a lot of Freeze Dance which allows me to expose them to the music of different cultures. I have a few Responsive Classroom games up my sleeve too!

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