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A Journey into Acrylic Paint- Post # 6

on August 7, 2015

I was finally able to connect with an artist this week! After falling in love with the helpful articles, blog posts, and videos on I reached out to the webmaster of the site for some advice and feedback. Ralph got back to me within the week! He gave me some suggestions for a beginning painter and even offered to review some of my work to give me specific feedback! I was very excited, to say the least.

initial emailinitial response from ralph


Ralph Feedback

I am so happy to have finally begun to develop this part of my Personal Learning Network where I can personally connect with people who can help me learn. Upon Ralph’s suggestion, I decided to investigate I signed up for two free art videos; “Landscape” and “Still Life” and have already received one in my email! I can’t wait to try these new lessons.

In his reply, Ralph also shared how he plans for painting. He shared that he does a sketch on paper and scans it into Photoshop to add color. Then he prints out his drawing and uses it as a guide to sketch his painting on the canvas. I am not ready to tackle Photoshop just yet, but I decided to modify Ralph’s technique and draw my plan on a paper with similar dimensions to the canvas I wanted to work on.

I have been inspired by a huge Pine Tree that grows in the back of my neighbor’s yard, so this week I decided to attempt to capture its beauty.


I relied on my previous learning from this NLP to create a cross-hatched sky and grass, and used blending techniques that I learned from Glen Farquhar to create the fence. I used my plan to draw the shape of a tree and shed directly onto the canvas.

tree shetch house

Then, I recalled what I learned about using the chisel tip of a flat brush to create the straight lines of the fence, and the curved branches of the tree. I used my learning about the Filbert Brush to create the illusion of leaves, and layered lighter colors over darker ones to create depth and dimension in the leaves of the tree.


My next steps in my NLP will be to follow the lessons from to learn more about light and shadows in my painting.


2 responses to “A Journey into Acrylic Paint- Post # 6

  1. Nicole, I love the feather and the blue abstract piece. I think those are your strengths. This goes to show beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Having a mentor like Ralph will be so helpful as you continue to grow as an artist. Do you think you will keep this up as the school year begins?


  2. nicoleryan2 says:

    Hi Erin,
    Thank you so much! I would really like to continue to paint throughout the school year- I find it so relaxing and fun! It is a really nice outlet for me, but my fear is that when things really start to pick up, I won’t be able to make time for it! This might have to be one of those things that I do only on the weekends.


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