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A Journey into Acrylic Painting- Post #5

on August 5, 2015

This week I set out to accomplish one of my Network Learning Project Goals: learn how to blend and layer colors, add texture, and fix mistakes. I found an incredible resource called as I worked to develop my Personal Learning Network on painting. I found a blog post that shared this video of Glenn Farquhar teaching viewers to blend acrylic paint by layering wet paint (I shared his video last week in A Journey into Acrylic Painting- Post #4.)

I followed Glenn Farquhar through the entire process and ended up with a piece of artwork that was really fun to create and helped me to understand more about how water can be added to paint to create layers of color, add texture, and blend colors. Please view my TimeLapse video on how I created my abstract work of art!

Here is the finished painting:

learning how to blend and layer color

learning how to blend and layer color

I love how the final product is full of texture, and the layered colors appear so deep. I learned that you need to use paint with varying amounts of water to create a layered, blended look. Each new addition of color to this piece was a different paint to water ratio- each color had a different consistency. When I pulled the colors together using my scraper (cut-up paper plate) the thicker paint spread over the thinner paint and exposed the blended colors beneath. This technique worked incredibly well with an abstract piece, but I think it could be modified when painting a more realistic/natural scene.

After I completed this first piece, I experimented with my new knowledge on another canvas. I used a different base color (blue) and used more water mixed into each additonal color than I had in my first painting. I ended up with a painting that looks more like tie-dye, which further helped me to understand that one of the keys to blending and layering colors to add texture is using paint that has a variety of texture and consistency.

Whoops! Too much water!

Whoops! Too much water!

By the time I post again I hope to have communicated and shared ideas with at least one other artist from my Personal Learning Network.

Stay tuned!


2 responses to “A Journey into Acrylic Painting- Post #5

  1. I really like the textured effect. Cool video too. I like your choice of music. There is an album called Jackson Pollock: Jazz which is a collection of the songs he listened to when painting. Your video reminded me of that. You may find the music inspires you to try some Pollock paint throwing! Are you hanging your art in your home or giving it to family and friends as gifts?


    • nicoleryan2 says:

      Thanks! I will DEFINITELY look into Jackson Pollock: Jazz- I had never heard of it! Right now I have started an art wall in our house but if I ever feel like my paintings are good enough I will definitely give them as gifts! 🙂 These canvases are so big…pretty soon I’ll have to give them away or we’ll run out of room!


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