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Multimodal Tutorial: Math IXL

on August 4, 2015

My first attempt at creating a Multimodal Tutorial!

ixl (3)

I chose to focus on Math IXL because it is a resource that we use in my district almost every day. Each year we spend valuable class time teaching students how to use the site, and then always spend additional time to reteach when kids forget. I hope to use this multimodal tutorial with my class to “reteach” the basics of how we use IXL. Since the youtube video is accessible from anywhere, I envision posting this to my class website so students can reference it at home when they need help! I also think this tutorial will be helpful to my colleagues at my school who are new to IXL.

I used Screen-Cast-O-Matic to record my video. There was a bit of a learning curve for me as I have never recorded a screen cast, but I thought this resource was relatively user friendly and I eventually figured it out!

Here is my youtube video that is intended for students:

Here is the full multimodal tutorial intended for educators to learn about IXL:

This project was a brand new challenge, but I am pleased with the final product. I look forward to becoming more proficient in screen-casting to create additional resources for students, parents, and colleagues.


5 responses to “Multimodal Tutorial: Math IXL

  1. You did really awesome job with this tutorial and Math IXL seems like a good program for students to use as they practice their math skills. I don’t teach math, but I am really curious to see what the high school level portions offer. If one of my colleagues in our math department is in need of a homework practice program, I will certainly recommend that they take a look at this. As for the screen cast itself, one would never know that it’s your first one. Thanks for sharing it.


    • nicoleryan2 says:

      Thank you! I didn’t mention this in my tutorial, but there is an entire Language Arts section in the IXL Program. It has the exact same set-up as I described for math. There are dozens of Language Arts topics with multiple skills for students to practice in each. The Language Arts Section also goes up to 12th grade! I haven’t used this tool myself, but maybe it can be something you use with your students!


  2. wiobyrne says:

    Great work. I look forward to sharing this with my incoming Math pre-service teachers. You’ve provided excellent guidance on this powerful tool.

    As you build up your learning hub in the fall, you’ll be able to embed all of this content on your site. You’ll be able to then share the page out…and your site out to other educators that will bookmark your site…and build your PLN.

    Good stuff…keep it up. 🙂


  3. Nicole says:

    Great video tutorial. This will be so beneficial to your students. It looks like a great tool for the classroom. I also like how the full tutorial helps teacher get a better idea of how to use the program.


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