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A Journey into Acrylic Painting- Post #4

on July 30, 2015

This week I set out to further establish my Personal Learning Network (PLN). At first, I hit a bit of a wall when I discovered that many blogs did not fit my needs. I was excited when I found the website – because of the title I assumed that I could add this site to my own network of resources! After some exploration I discovered that much of this website was too advanced for my understanding – the content did feel accessible at this point in my learning. Additionally, some of the blogs that I found linked to this site displayed photographs of beautiful paintings, but did not explain or teach about the technique and process. It seems that the purpose of many art blogs is to share work and network with other established artists, not to teach.

Instead of googling “Acrylic Painting Blogs” I decided to use my Professional Learning Network and explore boards I follow on Pinterest. This opened the doors to a welcomed rabbit hole as I started to find more interesting and relevant boards to follow on Pinterest.

Through my Pinterest exploration, I finally stumbled on a blog called “Art Instruction Blog” filled with tons of links to other blogs. Much to my relief, these blogs are intended to teach people at various levels of proficiency. One of my personal learning goals that I set for this week was to learn more about mixing and blending paint colors. I found a blog post called “How to Easily Create your own Beautiful Abstract Painting Step by Step” that shares a video of another artist, Glenn Farquhar, demonstrating how to blend and layer colors while creating a beautiful piece of abstract art.

Another learning goal that I established for myself this week was to comment on/reach out to artists that I would like to add to my Personal Learning Network. I am proud to say that I have reached out to two artists (including the administrator of Art Instruction Blog and the artist, Glenn Farquhar) and have now started exploring each of their blogs further. Between these blogs and my expanding Pinterest network, I have found countless beginner acrylic tutorials and free lessons online.

For next week, I hope to continue to establish my Professional Learning Network and begin a conversation with artists about their work. I will also combine my new learning about blending and layering color to create a piece of art that is more fluid and polished.


2 responses to “A Journey into Acrylic Painting- Post #4

  1. ntteach96 says:

    Glad to see you are able to create a PLN with your NLP. This is great especially if you intend to continue this hobby.


  2. […] This week I set out to accomplish one of my Network Learning Project Goals: learn how to blend and layer colors, add texture, and fix mistakes. I found an incredible resource called as I worked to develop my Personal Learning Network on painting. I found a blog post that shared this video of Glenn Farquhar teaching viewers to blend acrylic paint by layering wet paint (I shared his video last week in A Journey into Acrylic Painting- Post #4.) […]


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