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Whisk Veggie Slicer- Cooking with TPACK

on July 23, 2015

I haven’t used a whisk for much other than whisking, but in my Cooking with TPACK exercise I had to use it as a veggie slicing knife! This experience taught me that a task can be accomplished even if the desired tools are not available, but the task might not be accomplished well or efficiently.

My husband selected a serving platter, ceramic cereal bowl, and a small whisk from our kitchen. Then he randomly selected Choice 5- “Slice veggies for a veggie tray.” As you can see from the video, I repurposed the serving platter into a cutting board and used the metal prongs on the whisk to cut a cucumber and celery. It wasn’t ideal, but I got the job done!

I think this experiment serves as a metaphor for TPACK- how we can use technology to improve teaching and enhance content learning. When appropriate tools are selected, teaching and learning can be made better. When the tools are not appropriate for the task at hand, teaching and learning can be mediocre, or even suffer.

IMG_4729My whisk can be thought of as an element of technology and my task of cutting veggies as the objective of a lesson in a classroom. Although I was able to reach the objective, the whisk was not the best way to do it. I butchered that poor cucumber, pressed the prongs into my fingers leaving red indents, and needed to use my fingers to tear pieces of the celery. I did ultimately cut the veggies into pieces that could have been part of a veggie tray, but the whisk didn’t help me to do my best work.

The use of technology as an extra or substitution could be successful because people are resilient and easily adapt; however, it may not be the best tool to accomplish the goal. This is an illustration how how essential TPACK is; technology needs to be used to support teaching and learning in the classroom.



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