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A Journey into Acrylic Painting- Post #1

on July 16, 2015

I have always wanted to paint. I was inspired to try acrylic painting in college when I took a class called “Creativity.” I bought loads of canvases, acrylic paints, and an easel to inspire me to learn this art form. The inspiration definitely kicked in, but my desire to actually learn technique did not. As a result, I have several canvases covered with “abstract art” (I’m being generous when I use that term). In my early attempts, it is not uncommon to see outlines drawn with Sharpie, bristles from my cheap paintbrushes stuck in my work (to give it “texture”), and simple blocks of color.

volvo bristles

After spending/wasting time and money on supplies, I think it is finally time to learn the technique of painting with acrylics. My husband bought me an instructional book as a gift, but I found it difficult to learn from the narrative structure and photos.

For my network learning project, I will attempt to learn the technique of acrylic painting using multimodal tools. First, I would love to learn about the different paint brushes and their uses. I also need to learn proper brush technique and how to blend colors. Then I will learn how to plan for a painting and learn about size and form. I also need to gain knowledge about layering colors, adding texture, and fixing mistakes.

To get me started on my Network Learning Project I plan to join the Google+ Community Painting Art Acrylics. This resource has over 1,700 members and looks like a great place to see artists’ work and learn about their process. I also plan to watch and study some Youtube videos to help me see artists actually painting. I think viewing the process will be helpful as I learn technique. The videos “Four Brush Stroke Techniques“, “How to Paint with Acrylics : Brush Techniques for Acrylic Painting: Pt. 1“, and “Acrylic Brush Techniques” will help me learn the basics of how to use the brush strokes. The videos Blending and Scumbling – Acrylic Painting Lesson and How To Blend with Acrylics: Refined Blending: Acrylic Painting Technique will help me learn how to blend paint to create new shades of colors.

Hopefully these resources will get me started on my journey into acrylic painting! Check back here for updates on my progress!


2 responses to “A Journey into Acrylic Painting- Post #1

  1. Nicole says:

    I remember quite some time ago I would watch this show about painting in which a man with a very gentle tone presented instructional painting. I use to watch it just because it was relaxing and not to attempt painting myself. After reading your blog, I did a search to see if I could find the name of the painter. I googled TV show about painting and sure enough Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting appeared. He now has video clips on you tube, mostly oil paint, but maybe he might have some useful tips for you. Good luck as you learn to paint. Looking forward to seeing your finished product.


  2. nicoleryan2 says:

    Thank you so much! I will definitely check that out. I think it is very helpful to watch an artist in their process to understand how to actually create something. Hopefully his youtube videos will shed some light! Thanks for the help!


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